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Forum Thread: XBOX One headset issue

since yesterday my headset doesn't work properly and, there is no sound coming from it and I cannot use the mic either, I tried another headset and another controller, and worked fine but the same issue on mine. I also looked online and checked the settings in Xbox which are all correct. How to solve this problem?

Forum Thread: Need Help Fixing Xbox One Disk Receiver/Tray

So my nephew knocked over my Xbox and something ended up breaking inside the Xbox, so now here's something blocking the part of he Xbox where you put the disk in. The Xbox works perfectly fine and I can play downloaded games and talk to my friends and every other function possible, but I just can't put any of my games that I bought in disk form into the Xbox due to something blocking it. It goes in half way and then no further.

Forum Thread: Idk if it's the controller or my mic helpp

Afterglow Prismatic Controller and Ever Since My Mic Has Been Complete Trash, My Friends Are Asking Why Is Your Mic Giving Off Static Sounds. I Also Noticed It Picks Up in Game Audio and That Lowers the Party Chat Volume and I Dont Know What to Do. I was going to purchase a new mic but i then remembered that my mic worked perfectly in my old xbox controller, is it simply because my original controller is an official xbox one product and this new controller is xbox one "compatible"?

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