How To: Fix Your Xbox One's Broken & Grinding Disc Drive Problems

Fix Your Xbox One's Broken & Grinding Disc Drive Problems

There have been hundreds of reports of users hearing a grinding noise when they place a disc into their brand new Xbox One video game consoles. To prove it, here is an awesomely sad compilation of Xbox One owners having the issue.

Needless to say, shelling out 500 bucks for an Xbox One and having this occur is more than aggravating. While anyone with this issue can report it to Microsoft and get new system shipped to them, that still requires days of waiting.

Sometimes, when shit goes wrong, the most appealing and satisfying thing to do is to hit it—hard. Remember the infamous computer-bashing scene from the cult classic Office Space? That's what you want to do, but that's not what you're really going to do, though you can still take some of your anger out on it...

Hit It Before You Quit It

Some users have decided to try to fix it themselves by smacking it around a bit. Apparently, there is a gear loose somewhere in the disk drive causing the grinding sound. You can unplug the Xbox One, flip it over, and give it a few good solid whacks in hopes of realigning the gears.

I would suggest only doing this after you have called in and confirmed that a new system will ship to you. Now, if the fix does work, you can play your games until your new system comes.

Get a Free Game for Your Troubles

If the above "fix" does not work, Microsoft is giving people with the problem a free digital download. "While a replacement console is on its way, we want to ensure our advance exchange customers can stay in the game," a statement from Microsoft said. "We will provide each of them with a free digital download of one of the launch titles published by Microsoft Studios."

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You can select from Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse, or Zoo Tycoon via the exchange program. The exchange program allows any user able to prove that they have been affected by the hardware issue to submit the necessary information and receive a brand new Xbox One before having to ship back the buggy system.

Make sure to contact the Xbox customer service to get this offer rolling.

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No new xbox ships until the one I have is sent to them. Also they're no longer doing free games just so anyone who isn't buying it upon release'll jut be stuck sad and waiting like me.

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