News: Jesse Pinkman Can Turn on Your Xbox One at Home

Jesse Pinkman Can Turn on Your Xbox One at Home

Microsoft's latest Xbox commercial features Aaron Paul, the actor best known as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. Check it out below, but keep an eye on your own Xbox One, if you've got one.

The commercial itself is okay, but its best part is completely unintentional. While he turns on his Xbox One using a voice command, he could also be turning on your Xbox One at home.

And if you're watching this promo on your Xbox One, you just might go to Titanfall when he commands it, since his voice is so clearly audible.

It's good to know that Kinect works so well that it can respond to a commercial. If Jesse didn't do anything to your Xbox One, then you probably have some troubleshooting to do.

No word yet whether the "Xbox On, b****!" will be tied into Kinect's recognized command list.

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